Bread By Us

Established in 2013

We are a small-batch artisanal bread bakery creating sourdough breads, proudly situated in the heart of Hintonburg, Ottawa. We were established in 2013, with the vision of sharing excellent bread with our community while striving to create a positive work environment for our team. We believe a bakery isn’t quite complete without the smells and tastes of exceptional coffee, so we offer a variety of coffee at our cozy espresso bar. We are currently serving Detour Coffee (Burlington, ON) and Happy Goat Coffee (Ottawa, ON).

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Our vision when we opened Bread by Us was to bake bread that we can feel proud of. Simultaneously, it was important for us to build a team around us that can sustain the bakery in the long-term.

The growth of the bakery over the years has been deliberately calculated so that our product quality does not suffer (and hopefully has improved) and so that we (the people who make the food) can remain healthy and happy.

Oftentimes, businesses are built at the expense of someone or something – we are striving to turn that tide, at least within our own four walls. We hope you feel that thoughtfulness when you enter our shop.

As of 2019, we have made the decision to actively try to reduce our usage of single-use plastic bags and wax-lined paper cups. In order to be successful with this initiative, we need your help. We believe that we each share some responsibility in reducing waste that ends up in the landfill. As a business, we feel that it is our responsibility to show leadership in this arena. Here are some initiatives we are implementing in the store:

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·     Customers who bring their own bread bag or container will
enjoy 10 cents off their purchase.

·     Customers who bring their own reusable mug will enjoy 25
cents off their purchase.

·     During cold drink season, you may purchase a mason jar from
us for $1, and then enjoy 25 cents off each time you reuse it in
the store.

·     Please consider not taking a lid and straw for your cold drinks,
if you don’t need one

·     We encourage you to ask for your bread in a paper bag, even
when you need it sliced. You can transfer your bread to a
reusable Tupperware or Ziplock when you get home.

·     Enjoy your beverages in the store! Even if you think you might
not be able to finish it, have it in a mug anyway. We can always
transfer it to a paper cup for you on your way out, if needed.